In addition to participating in betting for entertainment and relaxation, the biggest goal of the player is to win and withdraw money to the account. However, to withdraw winnings quickly & easily, you need to choose a reputable bookmaker. PHJOY is one of the brands that meet that criterion, we always promote responsibility to members. The PHJOY withdrawal process is designed to be very simple and ensures absolute safety. What are the first steps to withdraw winnings? We will guide new players in the Philippines on how to withdraw their winnings.

Withdrawal Conditions at PHJOY

We always commit that members will be able to withdraw money when betting at PHJOY Bookmaker. However, members must also meet the withdrawal conditions that we have set out. This creates fairness and transparency, ensuring the rights of both parties. Here are some withdrawal conditions that bettors must comply with.

Withdrawal Conditions at PHJOY
Withdrawal Conditions at PHJOY
  1. To withdraw money, the first condition players need to meet is to complete a valid total bet. The total bet equals the total deposit, which you are allowed to withdraw.
  2. When members receive additional promotions from us, you need to satisfy the withdrawal conditions of the promotion.
  3. Each time you withdraw money, you will be able to withdraw a minimum of 100 PHP and a maximum of 20,000 PHP
  4. The player’s withdrawal account information must be accurate and match the personal information you have previously provided. We do not accept bank accounts owned by third parties other than you.
  5. The player’s account must be verified as the owner. We may ask the player to provide additional documents and images to verify your account.
  6. Fraudulent behavior affects the house as well as fairness for all players. If detected, we have the right to refuse the player’s withdrawal request.

The process of withdrawing winnings must be ensured to be done correctly and without errors during the process. New players often make mistakes when doing it because they have no experience in withdrawing money. Understanding the difficulties of new members, the online bookmaker PHJOY has tried to simplify the withdrawal steps. We will guide you through the complete process of withdrawing winnings below.

Set Transaction Password

Setting a fund password will help ensure better security for your fund system. This is considered a security layer to prevent bad guys from infiltrating the balance in your betting account and stealing it. Therefore, for better security, members should set a transaction password with a high level of difficulty. In addition, you should not trust anyone to reveal this transaction password. Let’s set a transaction password with the following steps:

Step 1: Please go to the “Security Center” section. You will see the “Transaction Password” option, click on this item.

Step 1:You will see the "Transaction Password" option, please click on this item.

Step 2: Please enter your transaction password and confirm it again. The transaction password must be 6-16 alphanumeric characters. Click “Submit” to complete.

Step 2: Please enter your transaction password and confirm it again. click "Submit" to complete.

Bind E-Wallet

We support members to withdraw winnings to e-wallets, which are GCash and PayMaya. Before withdrawing money, you must bind your e-wallet to your betting account. Follow the instructions below to bind your e-wallet.

Step 1: In the “Security Center” interface, select “Bind E-Wallet”.

Step 1: newbies should select the option called "Bind E-Wallet".

Step 2: Click on the red plus sign on the screen.

Step 2: Next, click on the red plus sign on the screen.

Step 3: Please choose 1 of 2 e-wallets: GCash or PayMaya. Fill in your full name and account number. Click “Submit” to complete.

Step 3: Please choose 1 of 2 e-wallets: GCash or PayMaya. Fill in your full name and e-wallet account number.

Create Withdrawal Order

After completing the transaction password and binding the E-wallet. Let’s create a withdrawal order. The steps to create a withdrawal order are as follows:

Step 1: Newbies access the “Withdrawal” section.

Step 1: First, newbies should access the "Withdrawal" section.

Step 2: Click “Recall Balance” to transfer the balance to the main wallet.

Step 2: Select an e-wallet to withdraw from and Click "Recall Balance" to transfer the balance to your main wallet.

Step 3: Fill in the amount you want to withdraw (Minimum 100 PHP, Maximum 20,000 PHP) and enter the transaction password. Click “Submit”.

Step 3: Fill in the amount you want to withdraw and fill in the transaction password.

By following the steps we have shared, you can withdraw your winnings. The payment system will receive and process your withdrawal request within 10-15 minutes.

With the detailed information above, many new players in the Philippines can withdraw easily. The PHJOY withdrawal process always simplifies the implementation steps. We bring absolute peace of mind to players when participating. Players are guaranteed to withdraw money quickly and easily.